5 DIY SEO Tricks You Can Implement Right Now

While a thorough optimization process takes in depth knowledge and sometimes money, there are a few tricks that can be implemented fairly quickly and easily to make your page look better to search engines. Working your way up the page takes time, but these tried and true SEO tips are things you can do right now to kick start the process.

  1. Create a blog page

Search engines loves fresh content and a blog is one of the best ways to do that. If you think you don’t have the time or resources to maintain a blog yourself or have someone on staff who writes for your blog, try offering employees a small bonus to produce a blog post related to their job and post one a week. Content curation is another way to keep fresh information on a blog page when you are low on resources. You can also use your blog to reach out to other influential professionals in your industry about guest blogging opportunities.

  1. Add content to your shorter pieces to make them longer

Not all long form content is better than shorter content, but updating some of your pieces to make them longer (and add fresh information) is a pretty simple way to get your content to perform better. Long form content also averages more backlinks and helps by boosting your authority on the topic.

  1. Find and replace deadlinks on Wikipedia

Backlinks (also known as inbound links) are an important part of your websites SEO success because to search engines, more backlinks equal more popularity and importance of the site. All backlinks are not created equal and the more high quality backlinks the better. That said, getting links can be a difficult and time consuming task. One way to generate some inbound links for your site relatively easily is to find and replace dead or broken links on related Wikipedia pages with your relevant link. Search Wikipedia for related types of products or services, scroll to the bottom to the “References” section, and scan the page for “(dead link)” listed next to a reference. At this point, all you need to edit and replace the dead link with your link.

  1. Make sure reviews/testimonials are visible

People like reviews and thus, search engines likes reviews. Review signals are one of the most important search engine ranking factors, so they should be visible and easy to find. The more reviews the better, but both people and search engine’s crawlers can spot a spammy review so make sure they are authentic.

  1. Update your Google business listing

In my last post, I talked about ways to get the most out of your free business listing. If you haven’t already, check that out and see if yours is lacking in any of the 6 areas I addressed. Two keys here are verifying your location and choosing categories. In brief, your chances of ranking increase the more specific the searches are within your category, so making sure your specific location and type of business is visible increases your chances of being the top business listed.

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