Don’t Have Access to a Blogger? Try Content Curation to Maintain Relevancy

Maintaining your reputation in your industry is the only way you know you can rise above the fray if competition is fierce. Even if you’ve mastered how to balance time by creating fresh content regularly, you have to assure your readers you truly have expertise.

What happens if you run across a subject you want to write about, yet aren’t sure you’d be able to write on it accurately? You could hire a content writer, but that can run into considerable expense. The best for-hire writers aren’t going to work for cheap.

Or, you could spend extra time doing research on the subject. This only take too much of your valuable work time for a subject you need to get out there now.

When don’t have access to a blogger, try content curation instead. If you’ve scoffed at this in the past, you shouldn’t because it’s a way to keep your reputation intact while also bringing a bit of symbiosis to promoting your blog.

Let’s take a look at why curating content matters by doing it more often than you think.

A Steady Flow of Valuable Information

No matter how extensive your knowledge is, it’s likely you’ll run across a subject eventually that you simply can’t authoritatively expound on. Don’t let ego get in the way and attempt to write something you’re not sure about, because the lack of knowledge will always show through.

Blog readers are astute to when you’re bluffing or truly an expert on the subject matter, despite links to resources.

By curating content, you post other favorite blogs from the same industry you’re in. While you obviously need to ask permission first, doing so brings a steady flow of expert content to your reader base.

When you pride yourself on keeping a recurring stream of blogs coming at least several times per week, curating keeps things going without anyone questioning your authority.

A Symbiotic Promotional Process

Consider that when you post another person’s blog on your blog, you’re giving them exposure as much as to yourself. As a symbiotic marketing process, they’ll likely return the favor eventually.

It’s a great way to create relationships with others in your industry without constantly battling to outdo one another in the content you create. Readers will also respect you for taking time to bring in experts to share on a subject.

Setting Up a Valuable Resource of Links

Incorporating outside voices is extremely important to get away from focusing squarely on your products. Doing so brings a rich resource of other links to similar content to help your readers learn more.

If you’re in an industry-specific business, the more you can help readers learn things, the more they’ll trust you. Making it look like you know it all only raises suspicions on whether you really do.

How Curating Affects SEO

One aspect about curating content is it creates more indexed pages, hence leading to your blog being easier found on search engines. SEO and curated content can still become complicated, though, if not done right.

You have to select curated blogs perfectly tailored to your audience so it doesn’t create duplicate content. By adding your own annotations to the curated piece as well, you add a little of yourself so it provides added value to your readers.

Being selective in your curating is extremely important. However, you need to convince Google you’re not just gaming the system. By adding an RSS feed to Google Blog Search, they’ll re-crawl your blog more often and help your rankings immensely.

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