A Local SEO Step by Step Guide to Changing your Business Address

Moving to a new location can create no end of problems for businesses that fail to properly address the issues that a change of address can have on location-based SEO and digital marketing efforts. Multiple business listings that contain conflicting address information can create no end of confusion for both new and potential customers, and many businesses can find themselves faced with a real challenge when it comes to tracking down and updating address information listed on multiple sites and numerous online advertisements and postings. Staying organized and taking a step-by-step approach to the situation can take much of the headache out of a move or relocation.

Retaining the Same Phone Number Makes a Big Difference

The name, address and phone number of a business are the three key pieces of information involved in location-based searches. Retaining the same phone number during a move can reduce the amount of work involved in updating online listings and ensuring SEO marketing efforts are properly calibrated by as much as half. Identifying, aggregating and updating online listings that contain outdated address information can be quite a challenge, but having to update a business phone numbers as well can require far more time and effort.

Outlining the Accounts, Services and Businesses that Require Updated Information 

Simply updating the address on a verified business listing is not enough to resolve the issue. Major search engines, such as Google, pull their information from countless sources in addition to verified business listings, all of which may need to be updated in order to ensure SEO marketing efforts are being effectively utilized. Inconsistent address listings can lower search engine rankings and may even leave customers who are searching for a particular business unable to find them online. Online reporting services can provide at-a-glance reports that make it much easier to identify accounts and services that may still be using an old address.

Conflicting instances of business names, addresses or phone numbers can create real problems with SEO marketing campaigns. Even a few listings that contain outdated address information can lead to a drop in search ranking standings, depriving businesses of the increased prominence and visibility they need to acquire new clientele. A comprehensive and thorough outline of all address and account listings that need updating is essential for ensuring the process is able to be as successful as possible.

Making an Effort to Stay More Organized Throughout the Entire Process 

Creating a spreadsheet can make it much easier to keep track of all accounts and ensure that oversights are less likely to occur throughout the process. Ordering multiple reports, either before and after the update or even at set points throughout the process, can ensure that all accounts, listings and services are able to be updated effectively. Even a single instance of conflicting address information can negatively impact search engine rankings, especially when conflicted listings stem from major online services or platforms.

Updating Local Directories and Notifying the Businesses That Supply Their Information

While providing up to date information for local directories is an important part of the process, notifying the companies that provide the data directly is often just as important. Comapnies like Localeze, Infogroup and Axciom are some of the most important suppliers of data for search engines like Google and Bing as well as major mobile applications. Contacting all three companies directly and updating address information is crucial for ensuring that updated address information is made permanent.

Updating All Marketing Materials and Sending Out Change of Address Reminders 

A common mistake for many businesses after relocating is to assume their business address update is complete after changing their information with all major services, updating local directories and contacting the businesses that supply the information search engines use. The next step of the process is to update the address on any and all marketing information, including websites, email templates as well as more conventional resources like business cards. Once this has been accomplished, it may be time to send out a reminder to existing clients, past customers and current associates.

Overlooking marketing materials that contain the old address can create additional confusion among customers, and may even cause problems with social media. Taking aggressive action to update any and all marketing materials and resources is not a step the businesses can afford to take lightly. Circulating materials or posting ads that list the old address may have a bigger negative impact on SEO marketing efforts than many businesses realize.

The Benefits of a Successful Address Change 

An effective address change can ensure SEO marketing efforts are able to be as effective as possible as well minimizing the risk of sending potential customers to the wrong address, an issue which may result in considerable loss of retention as well as potential sales revenue. Taking a more organized step-by-step approach can ensure that businesses are not paying for SEO services and marketing resources that suddenly become less effective and that customers and clients are able to locate a business at its new location without running into any complications or issues that could have been prevented.

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