3 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Helping to Improve Your SEO

Did you know that search engines is still the #1 source for content traffic generation, outdoing social media by more than 300% (Source: IronPaper)?  Your blog is the best tool for attracting visitors from search traffic to boost brand awareness and increase lead and sales conversions.  Implementing sound SEO practices will position your content to be found by prospects who are looking for what you have to offer.

Yet, there’s more to blogging than just optimizing your content for search to get in front of your audience.  There are instances where your blogging efforts can actually weaken your SEO if you’re failing to implement them in your strategy.

The goal is to share the three main reasons why your blog isn’t helping your SEO and offer suggestive tips to begin improving in these key areas.

#1 Not Clear on Your Audience

Understanding your target audience, or buyer personas, and knowing their pains, problems and most impressing questions is the first step towards creating blogging content that resonates with your market that gets you results.  In fact, being clear on your buyer personas will be the foundation to your entire content strategy.  The key objective in blogging is offering solutions and education to your audience; tailoring your content to their needs, wants and desires.  This is how you become effective in your content marketing.

Therefore, targeting the wrong audience and not having real clarity on your buyer personas are negatively impacting your SEO results.

How to Improve:

  • Get clear on your audience by creating detailed buyer personas
  • Do proper keyword research and create blog content around keyword phrases your audience is searching for
  • Long-form content with 2000+ words performs well in search engines. Consider creating a blogging strategy that supports this word count to enhance SEO

#2 Not Sharing Fresh, Valuable Content

Another goal to your blogging strategy is publishing content that is quality, relevant and fresh to keep your audience coming back to you for more.  You see, your blog is a platform to post content on trending topics, related industry news, product advancements, company news, inspirational messages…anything that continues to add value to audience.  In doing so, you give your company the advantage of reaping 55% more website visitors than your competitors who are not blogging.

If you’re not offering anything new or valuable to your audience, your SEO results are suffering.

How to Improve:

  • Content curation, or the process of gathering, organizing, and sharing the best relevant content from reliable sources with your audience, is a superb method to keeping your audience in the know while being viewed as the “go-to guy” in your niche
  • Ask your subscribers what type of content topics they desire to see more of and add these ideas into your content strategy
  • Share your content on social platforms where your audience hangs out. Social media loves blog content and is one of the top 3 reasons why people follow brands on social

#3 Inconsistent Publishing Schedule

The benefits to maintaining a regular blogging schedule are huge for your SEO, audience engagement, brand awareness, and lead conversions.  Companies who blog often have 434% more indexed pages than companies who do not (Source: Search Engine Land).  Also, blogs that post daily generate 4 times more leads than those that posts weekly or less.  Thus, it pays to have a consistent publishing schedule that gives you more web real estate and proves to the search engines that your site is live and dynamic.

Not posting regularly will dilute your blogging and SEO efforts.

How to Improve:

  • Leverage an editorial calendar like CoSchedule or Google Calendar to help you plan and organize your blog content for consistency
  • Get your team involved by having different members add to your content creation strategy. Including multiple voices in your content strategy gives your blog personality and value
  • Use tools like Google Analytics that reveal which days your blog generates the most traffic to ensure you’re posting on these days


Your blog is your brands biggest asset.  Bolstering your blog posts for SEO positions your content to be found by your ideal audience in search while positioning your brand as an expert and leader in your niche.  Ensure that you’re not making these blunders in your blogging that can negatively impact your ranking in the search engines.

Much success!

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