3 Holiday Digital Marketing Trends You Should Try This Season

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to adjust your digital marketing strategy to better connect with your customers. The holiday season brings with it an increased feeling of generosity for many, as well as increased spending. Now more than ever, potential purchasers are scanning the web for deals prior to buying. This makes the holidays the perfect opportunity to present your brand in a way that is attractive to consumers during this time of the year.

Buy one, get one deals or other specials that offer an incentive for the buyer are a perfect holiday marketing tactic to incentivize a potential customer to buy. With 81% of consumers searching for deals before making a purchase, having the deals easily displayed on your website can save the consumer a step and get them to purchase from you. Also, with people in the spirit of giving more than at any other point in the year, the idea of getting something in return for gifting is a great way to push someone to make a move.

Retargeting is another trend that works well all the time, but especially during the holidays. This practice is a great way to turn one time customers into repeat buyers or to finally get some of the users who abandon their carts to go through with their purchases. Retargeting, the sector of remarketing that targets potential or existing customers with known interest in your products or services, works well during the holidays for a few reasons: One being that consumers are more likely to buy from brands they know and trust, and another being that a personalized experience is the key to successful ecommerce.  Keeping products or related products in front of the same web traffic more than once is a common strategy that has proven to see increased conversions.

Holiday specific content/blogs is a great practice because, as mentioned before, brand trust is a huge influencer in shopping, especially when shopping online. Creating valuable content that serves a purpose for your target audience without shoving a product down their throat is a way to build that relationship and earn trust. Your focus here should be more on brand message and less about making a sales pitch for a specific product. Using the holiday to give you a theme to work around is a way to break up the general, day-to-day content you post and is another way to get your brand in front of the consumer. Creating useful and shareable pieces opens up the door to use the content in other ways, like offering a coupon in return for sharing the post.

Though we are only a few weeks from Christmas and the new year, don’t feel like it’s too late. While starting early is always better, these are tips you can implement quickly and that apply to other holidays as well

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